Painting Services

We want our customers to walk into a newly painted room and be visually and aromatically wowed. Only once we receive their seal of approval do we consider the job done. we wanted to push the envelope and not just handover a great job but do so with our clients’ and their families’ wellbeing in mind. The smell that a newly painted room leaves behind not only gives you a headache but can also lead to more severe chronic health risks like asthma and allergies.

This is why we have decided to offer BEST painting solutions to our clients. Not only do you no longer have to be away during the painting process but you can enjoy a good night’s sleep in your newly painted room the day the job is finished.


We Follow These Steps

1. Clean the wall: Using a large cellulose sponge and a solution of water mixed with a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid, clean your walls to remove any dust, dirt, and grease.

2. Tape the trim: Use blue painter’s tape (not masking tape) to protect any areas you don’t want your paint to get on, such as trim, molding, doorknobs, window frames, and door frames: Run long strips of the tape just inside the outer edges of these areas. (The outer edges of the tape should lie exactly where the wall meets the trim, covering the parts of the trim that your roller or paintbrush might hit when you paint.)

3. Pour primer into a tray: Pour in enough so that it almost fills the well toward the bottom of the tray without covering the angled portion of the tray where the ridges are.

4. Roll the primer onto the wall: Dip your roller into the primer, rolling it back and forth across the tray’s ridges a few times to remove any excess and prevent drips. Make sure the roller gets evenly coated. Run the roller up and down a section of the wall, applying primer until the sectionis fully covered. Continue until your wall is fully covered, reapplying primer to the roller as needed.
Tip: Follow the manufacturer’s drying instructions, which you’ll find on the can, to make sure the primer is completely dry before applying paint.

5. Paint the trim: Dip a two-inch angled brush into the paint, coating the bristles only about a third of the way downs the brush. Run the brush along the outer edge of the tape that’s covering the trim (on the wall side of the tape; not the trim side). Keep applying paint flush against your taped trim, working it outward about two or three inches from the tape. Continue until you have finished painting a narrow swathe along all of the taped areas.

6. Roll on paint in a “w” shape: Fill a paint tray with paint; dip your roller into it, removing excess. Roll the paint onto the wall in a 3-by3-foot “w” shape. Working your way back across that “w,” without lifting the roller, fill in empty patches until that section of wall is fully covered. Continue, adding more paint to the roller as needed, until the whole wall is painted.

7. Remove the painter’s tape: Peel off the tape while the paint is still wet to avoid accidentally removing any dried paint along with it.

Building Painting Service

We have very good painters. They are very experts in their fields. Painting of External Wall of Building’s, Balconies, Parapet Wall (External & Internal), Lift Tower, Stair External Wall, Air hole parapet wall. Roof service wall GDTS is a leading company for wall painting decoration services in Dubai with full expertise & we provide the advance painting service to home & corporate offices.

Best Villa Painting

Available in Dubai

Maintenance Services Dubai provides painting services to the house and villa. House Villa Painting Dubai is extremely hardworking and is a professional villa painter as we all know that villa requires a special talent for painting them. Villa and bungalow painters must understand how to treat these unique buildings. A villa’s first appearance is the distinctive traditional architecture and shape.

The villa’s feral, Scotia, decorative barge boards and ornate hand railing all need to be distinctive to enhance the appearance of the villa. The finishing painting the Scotia, windows and other decorative.
timber is time-consuming and requires patience and attention to every
detail and House Villa Paintings Dubai are capable of handling villa’s

Painting Design

Feel like your design has grown stale or outdated and a could use a refresher, look no further than your walls? With the seemingly endless list of creative painting techniques available today, it’s easy to completely transform the look of your room without adding clutter via extra decor or encroaching on your square footage. The following ideas are all you’ll need to give any room in your home a fresh and inviting vibe, no matter your aesthetic leanings or style sensibilities.


The classic harlequin wall pattern will instantly add life and movement to your room design, and it can work just as well in the kitchen as it does in the master bedroom or a nursery. Choose colors with subtle contrasts for a more sophisticated look, or opt for higher contrasts in bold hues.


For a truly show-stopping update, it doesn’t get much better than metallic paint. The beauty of this idea is that there are a million and one ways to apply it. You can paint your entire room a metallic hue to make a stylish statement, or you can apply metallic accents for a more layered look, like this space.


Stripes are a timeless decor staple that will always look fresh and never go out of style. Plus, there are limitless ways to incorporate them. Thin, subtle stripes will add quiet texture and visual intrigue while big and bold contrasting stripes, like these from Style Me Pretty, add abundant visual flair.

Polka Dots

If you’re not incredibly DIYinclined but are committed to updating your room on your own, then try adding some interior pizazz by way of polka dots. They couldn’t be easier to apply and they’ll instantly punch up any space they’re in. The unique dose of happymaking whimsy they add
makes them especially wellsuited for a child’s room,
like this example from The
Homes I Have Made.

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