What Would You Like Us To Do Today?

FIXITO is the performance driven services company; committed to cater for the best! Our team work hard to keep our customer’s contentment on the priority.

Air Conditioning Installation

Our air conditioning installations service covers all applications within the
air conditioning industry

Air Conditioning Maintenance

We provide routine preventative and reactive maintenance to all ranges of air conditioning equipment, periodic routine preventative maintenance covering filter cleaning, minor and major services as per the manufacturer’s recommendations

Filters Cleans

It is critical to replace the filters because air conditioning filters have a dual-purpose. They keep both the air units components parts clean. If the filters are not cleaned or replaced regularly, the effectiveness of your air conditioner can be significantly reduced

Bathroom renovation

Aesthetically appealing, seamless plumbing, or perfectly-finished floor work – you name it, we can do it

Kitchen renovation

A kitchen is where you create and you deserve one that spells elegance, creativity, and convenience. With Fixito’s expert team and cutting edge solutions

Villa renovation

Bringing glamor to a glamorous lifestyle. Thinking about renovating your villa in Dubai to make a lasting impression? We’ve got all interior renovation services to cater to your needs including kitchen, bathroom, flooring, and more